About Us


Synergy RH is a company Aimed at the business and industry in the general sector, is dedicated to human resources consulting, offering Their services: outsourcing of personnel, recruitment and selection, application and interpretation of psychometrics, work socioeconomic research, workshops and training and headhunting. RH synergy is located in the Bajio region in the city of Celaya Guanajuato. RH Synergy is a company That job is looking for growth of your team and of the same company, it is Considered a dutiful company and have all current tax liabilities. Thanks to its quality service Offered by Synergy RH , the company Has Been Committed to Work with companies worldwide recognition of type T1 Companys. Currently Synergy RH is seeking national and international recognition through the efficient performance of Their duties.


We are a leader in human capital consulting highly qualified staff. Focused on business and industry provided a quality service to customers and users, social adapting to industrial and business areas are presented in the environment.


Being Recognized in human capital consulting, professional ethics, human quality, teamwork, honesty and results-oriented, working Constantly updated staff That Integrates the organization to meet overall needs and changes, being our motivation to Comply the Demands of our customers and not to give up to Achieve full satisfaction. Taking as a firm intention to make strong and lasting relationships.


  1. Professional ethics
  2. Human quality
  3. Team work
  4. Honesty