Recruitment And Staff Selection

Our customers make us get through email or person interview, the job description and candidate profile. Once you have a qualified group of applicants Obtained by recruitment (search Between physical portfolio and Obtained by the database page and other sources of recruitment) is Given to start the process of selection . The process of selection Involves a series of steps (high performance interviews or competency) Which are used to Decide Which Applicants Should be hired.

It shortlists 3 to 5 candidates That Fit the client's request and the person Chosen by the customer, psychometric tests are applied and / or knowledge. The post is delivered With the results of psychometric tests, socio-economic and labor research and stationery to integrate overall records.

Satisfaction Guarantee for 3 months. In case of breach of expectations, leaving the job or whatever the situation except for death or disability for work or risk of disease. SYNERGY HR will be responsible for Replacing and if Necessary to make the Entire process of recruitment and selection again at no cost.